Preparing for Winter Weather
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The US continues to experience wave after wave of severe winter weather, reminding businesses that they could be affected at any time. Now is the time to prepare for snow and ice.

The gusting winds, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures associated with winter are normal and often anticipated occurrences throughout most of the world’s cold weather climates. However, not only cold weather locales are vulnerable to extreme winter weather losses. In fact, moderate climate regions not normally associated with harsh winter weather tend to suffer the most costly losses as they are typically unprepared to endure such conditions.

Winter weather events mixed with a lack of preparation can lead to building damage, freeze-up, flood, and business interruption losses. Advance preparation can help to mitigate winter weather impacts on your operations and business continuity.

The attached checklist, though not all-inclusive, can be an effective part of your organization’s loss control program. The issues highlighted herein should be addressed by appropriate personnel within your organization so that severe winter weather impacts may be more successfully alleviated.

Marsh’s local dedicated claims teams and client executives, supported by our regional and international claims experts, can also support your business recovery if you are affected by winter weather.

To file a claim, contact your client executive or send an email to the appropriate address below:

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