Severe Weather Continues in Midwestern and Southern U.S.
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Severe weather, including tornadoes and powerful thunderstorms, has caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure across the Midwest and South over the last several days.

Heavy rain and winds have damaged or destroyed homes and businesses, damaged roads and other infrastructure, disrupted air traffic, and caused power outages in several areas. As of Friday, March 2, the National Weather Service had tornado and storm warnings and watches in effect for a number of states through Friday evening.

Organizations with interests in areas that could be affected by further storm activity should monitor local news reports and updates from the National Weather Service. In addition, Marsh's local dedicated claims teams, client executives, and other resources are ready to support our clients with claims and business recovery efforts. The local teams are supported by our regional and international claims teams, including a team of specialists for large or complex claims.

Organizations affected by the storm can find information about relevant Marsh services on this site, including:


If you have business interests in the affected area, would like to review your business continuity planning, or have questions regarding your insurance cover, please contact your local Marsh Relationship Manager or:

  • The Marsh Catastrophe Hotline at +1 866 252 7492; or
  • Marsh Risk Consulting’s hotline at +1 212 345 9589 (+1 866 928 7475 within the U.S. and Canada).


To file a claim, contact your client executive or send an email to the appropriate address listed below:

More Information
For more information please contact:

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